Nisha JamVwal Biopic will be one of the most romantic tales ever !


Nisha JamVwal has been listed at the fourth highest position amongst the Top ten profiles with the highest google+ followers in #india preceded only by the Dalai Lama, Narendra Modi and T Series.

Celebrity Columnist, Interiors Architect and Actor, Nisha JamVwal’s life has been an inspiration for billions and even caught the eye of world famous author Lord Jeffrey Archer so that he chronicled her real life story in his tale ‘Caste Off’ in the book ‘And Thereby Hangs A Tale’, where she is called by her own name, Nisha JamVwal. The good news is that this inspirational story that would motivate women all over the world will now be portrayed on the silver screen not only because the story generated a lot of interest worldwide, but that Archer has an innate attraction for Hindi cinema, and he cannot wait for his story on the life of Nisha JamVwal to be made into a full blown Bollywood film. So far no story or book essayed by Archer has been crafted into a movie and he wishes to collaborate in an Indo British bilingual venture scripted on the story of ‘Caste-Off’.

Says JamVwal “I think Jeffrey’s fans and readers will love the movie based on a story that is real but edited with such style and staccato quickness, where there is inspiration but also romance and ambition. In India viewers will enjoy seeing the story of a page three diva they have known and seen so often in the media, without knowing the reality of her life!’

Jeffrey adds: “This is my favourite story because it’s genuinely original and unique. I am unlikely to come across a love story which is so moving or touching in my lifetime, and I naturally hope it will be made into a Bollywood film.”

On another count Nisha JamVwal has been weighing the offers she has received as Talk Shows host on TV where she will chat to Actors, Contemporary Indian Artists, Business Magnates, Politicians and Bollywood directors and film celebrities. She is also considering options of being part of some exciting Bollywood movies which appeal to her. Nisha JamVwal is presently managed internationally by the globally renowned company AS Entertainment. Nisha’s erstwhile shows on television ‘Home Shanti Home’, ‘Meri Saheli’ were grand successes and she also participated in the countdown show for Zoom ‘Red Hot Countdown’. She is not only articulate and comfortable in her friendships with the famous persona she will conduct live chats with, but she is also canny with live, impromptu conversations on camera having been a talk show host in her nascent teen years on Doordarshan’s ‘Youth Forum’.

Nisha JamVwal, a lady of rare fortitude and courage received the ‘Women’s Achievers Award’ from the ‘Femina’ World Women Leadership Congress 2017 for her outstanding career performance and CSR work and her life of courage and determination where she treated crisis and adversity as her ally to catapult herself into a famed persona, her joie the vivre and exuberance in the face of personal challenge and hardship make her an inspiration to many women in the world.

Nisha also writes and authors six columns on relationship management, interiors, lifestyle, design, and contemporary art and is a famed Luxury Brand Consultant with Luxury Brands like Zoya by the house of TATA.