Reasons why we think Hina Khan deserved to stand on the 1st position in nomination task! 

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It’s almost an end of the biggest reality show on television & the loyal viewers have picked their favorites already & rooting for them on social networking sites.

As per the makers of Bigg Boss, this year’s ratings superseded the previous editions of the show. This year got everyone talking about the show, got the television industry divided in camps on the basis of their favorite contestants, twitter saw some noteworthy trends by the fans, the show went on to become a huge hit with the least number of wild card entries introduced as the contestants never had a dull moment right from the start.
Last night we saw a surprise nomination task where the contestants had no idea & had to put them on positions from 1 to 6 on the basis of their journey in the house. We’d totally expected this to turn into a war of words everyone trying to claim the first position. While the majority of the contestants believed Hina or Shilpa to be in the first two positions, Akash threw a fit & played the commoner card & argued to be the most entertaining contestant.
Hina took a step back & let the commoners take the first three position as they didn’t have any fan base before the show as compared to what the celebrities had & let them have an advantage over the celebrities.
Though the fans were rather disappointed to see their favorite celebrities in the bottom rung of the journey, we have a put together top 5 reasons why we would have liked to see Hina claim the first position as suggested by the majority in the house.
– Powerhouse entertainer
After 8 long years playing the ideal bahu on television, Hina Khan showed us a side of hers that her fans had never seen her in. Hina kept us entertained with her singing throughout the singing & dancing throughout the season & keeping the drama alive in the house.
Already a finalist of an adventure reality show, Hina Khan emerged to be the strongest contestant in the house keeping her competitive spirit alive & participating in every task & fighting for her spot rather than taking a back seat. Hina was at the forefront of every task making her one of the tough competitors the contestants had in the house & got them to bring her down each time.
– Fashionista
You may hate her or like her but you cannot deny the fact that Hina did what none of the contestants from all seasons had done, Hina Khan proved to be the most stylish contestant in the house without repeating even one outfit & completing her outfits with the most gorgeous accessories making her a trendsetter & stand out throughout the season with perfect makeup & poise.
– Honest
Though Hina Khan was the most talked about contestant for some reasons right & some wrong, but Hina unlike other contestants never took to people pleasing for which she did have majority against her but nonetheless she got through the 14th week without being a part of the majority camp & fought it by her rules & principles.
Loyal Friend
Right from day one, Hina’s not left side of the contestants she became friends with in the house. She’s not the one to mince her words & often calls a spade a spade & also went against her friends when they wronged her or others. During Vikas- Priyank fiasco, Hina pulled up Priyank for wrongly assuming & putting words in other’s mouth for holding Vikas responsible for Hiten’s eviction. Hina never feared losing her friends or votes in the house & went ahead to express to her friends about what she felt.
Hina along with other celebrities gave a fair chance to the commoners & let them enjoy the first three positions.
We don’t think that was a wise decision but a commendable one though. What do you think? Let us know