New Voot Original- Time out review


Time Out is a show which the youth of today can relate to, everyone has felt the burden of responsibility on their shoulder at least once in their life and would also have gave thought to take time out from your normal life responsibilities and take a break in life to do everything you couldn’t pursue you liked.

Time Out stars the immensely talented Tahir Raj Bhasin as Rahul & the definition of beautiful Sarah Jane Dias as his wife Radha. Rahul & Radha are your conventional, cool, urban salaried couple, who are not so satisfied with their jobs but a big EMI burden thanks to their new posh apartment. Rahul works as an ad executive, who thinks his work is a complete drag and has a boss who is constantly bullying him to get the work done. Although he is the “Performer” in his company, Rahul is always at cold shouldered by his boss, due to his attitude. It feels like all the problems in the world are ganging up on Rahul one by one. He has recently found out, that his parents who reside in Lucknow, are filing for divorce because his mom found out that his father was cheating on her. He has a best friend – Ashish (Sahil Vaid). Ashish & his wife Priya who happens to have developed the habit of drinking post her delivery of two kids.

The idea of having kids freaks Rahul. To add to his list of problems, his loving wife desperately wants a baby whereas Rahul just isn’t ready for it yet. Rahul, failing to handle so many challenges decides to take a break from all things in his life which also includes his wife Radha which freaks her out. Rahul ends up asking for a “Time Out” from their relationship.

There are moments in the show which will shake you for the stupidity Rahul and Radha do when on break. There is enough dose of romance & comedy as well. The show is a mix of comedy in the initial part of the episodes than the part which comes in later gets more dramatic as it progresses. Viewers will start relating to the story after viewing the very first episode.

Tahir Raj Bhasin, a known villain on 70mm tries to nail a romantic character. We loved the way he portrayed his antagonist role in Mardaani & Force2. And thankfully he doesn’t disappoint here. This show just helps him showing his versatility. His inner Rahul – the real Rahul cum show narrator is annoying in the initial part of the show, but you will get use to him as the show progresses.
Sahil Vaid is very funny in his role as Ashish – Rahul’s best friend and Tahir also does justice to his character. Sarah Jane Dias, who impressed us in Inside Edge is amazing in this show as well. While were unable to get the most of her in Inside Edge, she has enough screen time on this show. She has also improved a lot as an actor. It won’t come as a surprise if she makes it big in the web series space. She surely can act! But Sahil Vaid has a league of his own. Sahil, who made us laugh and left a mark on us in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania is completely natural. He is amazing in every scene. With superb comic timing and his interaction with his wife on the show is hilarious. The other supporting actors which include Rahul’s young neighbors, boss & his father are fairly decent. Jugal Hansraj is seen doing a friendly appearance on the show. The director – Danish Aslam, should get a pat on his back for choosing a story, which a large percentage of the urban population of India can relate to.
Initially the story is very relevant to urban salaried class, but after few episodes you will realize the real problem. But that could be ignored considering the entertainment that it delivers. The audience with love for drama shows will definitely fall for this show. The show can be a full on entertainment for the Netflix drama loving audience as well. It is a simple story, which gets complicated by the life choices made by the lead pair. It does deliver a message to all urban married couples, who have started off on their journey together. You can binge watch the show on VOOT anytime and enjoy the entertainment that it delivers