The time has come when Bollywood Fan Clubs have decided to come together, to show their love for Varun Dhawan and bring the First Day First Show aspect of Bollywood Culture back with a Bang!


Founder of BollyCon Kenneth Hopkins says “Communities need an offline 3rd place option to express and celebrate global Bollywood Culture which is very different from a global “Pop-Culture”. This kind of Meet-up and special screening caters to exactly that need. It also provides the stars a chance to express their love for their fan base and to give back to their fan club communities, in an organized and comfortable manner.”

A Varun Dhawan’s fan, Anuj Ali will be attending this event all the way from Narayanganj, Bangladesh. In the past, Anuj kept a fast for the success of Badlapur & Varun Dhawan has even mentioned this in an interview. This will be the very first time Anuj will get to meet his Idol thanks to this initiative by BollyCon.

In a time when multiplexes find it harder and harder to have high occupancy, such initiatives & formats that understand & focus on Bollywood Culture could possibly help recreate the much-needed box-office magic in domestic markets.

Shoojit Sircar’s October will show Dhawan in a very different light from his previous avatar’s. Critics have been hailing the movie as a cinematic gem. As observed with Dangal and Secret Superstar, these kinds of stories are also a big hit in international markets, especially in China.

BollyCon is a Bollywood Cultural Convention that conducts events to bring people together from different demographics, ethnicities, denominations & geographies; to celebrate Bollywood Culture. To know more visit