The Journey from a Boy to Man:

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Even before the recent trend of growing a beard, I would visit many online grooming sites and have that strong desire to express my way to have a new look like that would define who I am. I was amazed to see a huge variety of great looking beards, which gave me confidence and encouragement to go ahead and try one on me, like why not grow a beard?! As I always wanted to stand out of the crowd and have my own identity so i decided to have this look .This journey has taken me almost 2 years to have this “full-grown-beard look” on my face. Also it has given me a chance to be who i always wanted to be in life. During those few weeks, I was concerned as to how this new look would end up looking on me. Whether it would suit me or not, but then as time passed my mane started growing more and more and it gave me a idea on how I could manage different looks and shapes with it.

Many have tried to discourage me and would rather see me clean shaved. Yet I wasn’t disheartened because there have been many more supporters and admirers who appreciated my efforts to stand out.
I feel more masculine with full beard and love experimenting with it. It is perfectly natural. I don’t feel the same man I was earlier, it is totally a different feeling to have achieved a new level of confidence that i had no idea existed. Right set of products and techniques helped me groom my beard in a much better way.

I would sum up by saying that it is a gift to my personality and i am in “Relationship with my Beard” now! “Don’t hate me, I Am Beardiful”.

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