The experience was an eye-opener! : Rohan Mehra

If television’s chocolate boy, Rohan Mehra’s pictures on his photo sharing app are anything to go by, the actor is having the time of his life in Taiwan where he is a part of a fitness related show Fitzup which had it’s first edition in Jordan.

Rohan had a quick return as compared to other contestants as he needs to shoot for his daily soap, the actor is back in bay & relatively in a much better shape, more leaner & fitter & is busy posting some super envious pictures on his Instagram.

Rohan shares, ‘Post Bigg Boss I’d dedicated my time to fitness & followed a strict diet regime. The whole idea of travelling to Taiwan with few colleagues & also Kanchi was exciting. I didn’t have an iota of an idea how amazing it is going to be & actually help me change course of my life in terms of fitness goals. The whole idea of the exercise was to help us understand how to worship one’s body & strengthen it physically & moreover mentally.’

‘We did aqua workout, functional training & came to terms with that fitness is more mental than physical. Though I had to come back for my show but I’m going to make the new workout & fitness ways I learnt there a part of my lifestyle here.’