Katrina Kaif the fastest celebrity to cross the 5million mark on Instagram!


Katrina Kaif made a remarkable debut on Instagram , which came as no surprise especially since she was one of the most popular names on social media ,despite being away from it for so long.

The star first joined the social conversation on Facebook, followed by a spectacular debut on Instagram.And has now reached the epochal five million follower mark on Instagram ,in exactly four months and 17 days,the fastest compared to her contemporaries.

Katrina currently rules the social media space with stunning pictures, witty captions and grand public appearances , making her account one of the most entertaining celebrity Instagram accounts.

Says Katrina, ““I’m having fun. I’m just sharing real moments with my followers. I enjoy having a platform where I have my own voice. It’s such a personal reflection of myself, I only do what I like, whether it’s just a phase I’m going through, whether I’m into an adventurous activity, then I put up those videos of that moment”.

While initially hestitant before taking the pludge in the big world of social media, Katrina admits she immediately got hooked on to it. Adding, “Anything that’s new, I have a hesitant attitude towards it first and then I have to be coerced and convinced into it. So it took me a while to join Instagram.everyone told me that I’ll love the interactions and following new people I like and that’s exactly what happened. As soon as I joined Instagram, I was really hooked. I instantly found it super fun and for me, it’s not just about sharing with people who follow me but sharing my thoughts and what I’m feeling that day or something I like or I’m doing that day. There’s no real strategy behind what I do on my Instagram, it’s all in the moment.”