Amy Jackson loses her bag at Mumbai airport!


Amy Jackson was at a loss after she learnt that her bag which she had been carrying while traveling from Mumbai to Thailand could not be located.

The airline which Amy was traveling with misplaced her baggage. While she was flying to Thailand to shoot for an ad campaign, she had to do without her personal belongings for two days till she got her bags back.

Sources suggest that Amy faced problems because of this as her luggage was sent to another city by mistake. It took two days to get her bags back. But the gorgeous actress had no choice but to fly to Bangkok and carry on with the shooting without her belongings. And being a professional, Amy managed to wrap up the shoot.

A source says, “Amy went for shopping to buy some necessary items and asked her manager to get her personal stuff to Bangkok. The production house also helped Amy and arranged for basic necessities.”

Amy says, “Unfortunately, my luggage got exchanged with another aircraft at the Mumbai airport. I had no choice but to wait for it for two days. However, I shopped for things like clothes and other necessities from the local market in Bangkok. On the brighter side, it was fun exploring the city on my own.”



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