Karan Singh Chhabra gets 5 precious tips from Aamir Khan !


Aamir Khan would prefer going underdressed to an event !

Actor and TV Host Karan Singh Chhabra gets to play host to a lot of stars on the set of his Bollywood entertainment show called The Asian Variety Show. Recently, the sabse bada kalakar acting guru met the perfectionist of Bollywood Aamir Khan but this time it was the superstar himself playing host as the show was setup in his lavish home on carter road along with Director Advait Chandan.

Talking about his time with Aamir Khan, Karan says, “It was a different experience altogether. He came in normal slippers and dressed very casually like one usually is in his home setting the tone of our chat very candid and casual. Not only Mr. Khan gave me some important tips on acting and life in general but also shared a lot of fun personal facts in the “would you rather” game, like he would prefer going underdressed to an event, would rather have more time than having more money and would like to meet his great grandchildren if taken into the future.

So, which of the Aamir Khan movies is Karan a fan of? “I loved Dangal and PK. Though Lagaan is my all time favorite” As we depart, Karan Chhabra chose to add one more moment from his chat, “When I asked who is the secret superstar in Aamir Khan’s life , he got emotional while taking his mother’s name and that was really special. Last but not the least, the amount of warmth and respect he had shown towards me and our team by inviting us to his place made me a even a bigger fan of him!”