Here is How TV celebs enjoys Christmas celebrations!

Christmas is one of those holidays that just seems to be filled with cheer and wonder. Christmas celebrations are important to make your winter special and give a farewell to the passing year. So to make your day to be filled with happiness, Read some ideas by your favourite television celebrities on how to celebrate a Happy Christmas after the jump. Happy Holidays! Here we bring you in details how stars like Tejasswi Prakash, Kunal Jaisingh, Avika Gor among others celebrate the evening of Christmas!

Kunal Jaisingh: I feel Christmas celebrations are wonderful and one should always enjoy it celebrating with family and friends. Let yourself be a kid again and enjoy the holiday spirit even with the childrens around. Whether it’s leaving cookies out for Santa Claus, watching for Baba Noel out the window or leaving your clogs by the fire for Santa, indulge in a little holiday tradition and give into the magic. I enjoy it the every possible way.

Tejasswi Prakash: I enjoy Christmas decorating my house for the evening. The possibilities for decorating are nearly endless. Putting Christmas lights on your house. Hang mistletoe in the doorways particularly if you know that special someone is coming over, hang a homemade wreath on your door, or put Christmas figurines like Santa or Rudolph out on your counters. We can also make a great tasty menu for the dinning. Christmas are one of my favourite celebrations.

Manish Goplani: Joining up with friends and family is the way I celebrate my Christmas eve. For many people like me, Christmas is about gathering with friends and family to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the holiday. The day is a holiday and most folks get a day off work. Take advantage of this time to reconnect with friends and family. Create our own traditions or celebrate with the traditions that have been passed down in our family. A festival celebrations need you to be with your family else the celebrations are really incomplete.

Shubhangi Atre: Enjoying Christmas with some good food with friends and family is the best way. I feel to enjoy the night one can invite their friends or family over for Christmas dinner. Make it a potluck if you want to keep expenses and the workload manageable. The important thing is just to get together with people you love and make the winter a little warmer by sharing the warmth of caring with them. Consider making a traditional Christmas dinner complete with cake and sweets, or create your own traditions by branching out and making whatever you want! This is the way I celebrate and enjoy my Christmas night.

Suyaash Rai: The best way to celebrate the eve and the way I do is just ‘Go Christmas caroling’ Either have it at your home, go door to door, or go to an old folks’ home and do it. Learn some Christmas or seasonal songs, and sing! It’s fun, and dont worry even if your voice isn’t great, hopefully, you won’t be singing alone, you’ll get some cover from your more talented friends! If you can’t go caroling for some reason, blast Christmas music throughout your house, while you’re wrapping presents, or during your Christmas party. This is the best way to enjoy the occasion my way.

Mahika sharma: Doing a generous act is the wonderful way of celebrating. This is in the spirit of spreading joy, kindness, beauty and love during the Christmas season. Maybe you can volunteer at a homeless shelter, buy some vintage decorations at or donate some of your unwanted decorations to a thrift shop, drop spare change into the local charity drive bucket, help out someone with decorating like doing the tree for them and putting up outdoor lights, or maybe you could help with a local toy drive or food drive for those who have less than you do. I enjoy bringing a smile on other face and really want people should try celebrating like me.

Soni Singh: I enjoy decorating Christmas tree. The best idea of enjoying the festival is by decorating your house and make it look like a dream land you imagine. Picking out a Christmas tree that fits our house. After getting tree situated, wrap it in lights and begin hanging the ornaments. We can decorate our tree with family heirloom ornaments or try something new by decorating a tree with Star Trek or superhero themed ornaments, or with little trains, or with Disney characters for example. It’s really upto us to be as creative or traditional as we like.



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