The Premiere of Game Over was hosted by


Dream Machine Pvt Ltd and Koning Entertainment in association with Dream International.

Mumbai, 9th December 2017: Dream Machine Pvt Ltd and Koning Entertainment in association with Dream International hosted the Premiere of Game Over which is directed by a debutant film Director Paresh Savani and stars Gurleen Chopra, Rajesh Sharma and Yashpal Sharma.

Sharing her excitement for the release Gurleen Chopra said,
“It’s always a exhilarating experience to watch your hard work on the Silver screen Iam really excited and hoping for the best reviews from the Audience.”

On his first film Premiere, the debutant director Paresh Savani said,

“The Release of our Debut Production in over 1000 screens successfully all over India is a very proud moment for me and the entire team associated with the film. Game Over has been a very special project right from inception for me personally and now with the advance bookings and response that we are receiving, it’s completely overwhelming”

Game Over… the story of a Con Girl – Bold & Beautiful, Smart & Intelligent; but that’s not enough to play the Game of Life – Game of Gamble. Sometimes, Game’s Master Planner becomes Victim of the Game. She played the game. But now the game is playing with her. Her every step in the game leads her to a mystery where every question turns in to puzzle; her every efforts to get rid of the game opens the door of next game. On every step to finish, the game takes her to the next level. To do the Game Over is a challenge and who will do it is a puzzle.

Cast: Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, Gurleen Chopra, Rakesh Bedi, Umesh Bajpai, Prasad Shikhre, Arham Abbasi, Zeeshan Khan, Ali Mughal, Falguni Rajani, Sagar Kale, Tetiana Kharkevych & Praveshika Chouhan.