Rajniesh Duggall, Ashutosh Rana, Anil George, Ravindra Singh, Vipin Parashar and Prem Chopra at UDANCHHOO Music and Trailer Launch


It was a fun filled, glittering evening at The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai as the much awaited Udanchhoo Movie Trailer was launched along with the melodious Music of this comedy heist thriller. Udanchhoo is a Con-Comedy based on Black Money and has a Baba/Spiritual Guru aspect in this film essayed by the legendary Prem Chopra.

The actors of this movie Rajniesh Duggall, Ashutosh Rana, Anil George and Prem Chopra were present at the Udanchhoo Music and Trailer Launch. The Producer and Creative Director Ravindra Singh, Director Vipin Parashar, Executive Producer Sandeep Chandrra were also present on this memorable occasion. There were 2 songs that were unveiled during the event. Rani Hazarika has sung the Item song “Sarkaar” which was launched along with the Title Song during the Music Launch. This movie inspired by True Events has the Tagline “Jo Jiska Tha Usko Zaroor Milega” . Udanchhoo has been made under the Banner of R-Vision India Pvt.Ltd. and will release in January 2018 at a theatre near You.



Shanti Singhania (Saisha Sehgal) is a brat who believes in “money is everything” syndrome. Shanti misinterprets that her father Dhanraj Singhania (Anil George) wants to donate his fortune in black money to Guru G (Prem Chopra). Guru G is a Spiritual Guru located on the outskirts of Delhi who has a mass following. He usually mouths a dialogue “Joh jiska tha, usko jaroor milega…” between his followers. There are many foreign followers with one foreigner Julia (Bruna Abdullah) as his woman friday.

Guru G’s orders, the consignment is to be picked by Dhanraj Singhania from Switzerland and delivered to Billu Khabootar alias B.K. (Ashutosh Rana) in Mumbai. B.K. is a money launderer from Delhi, he will then be passed on to Guru G’s ashram. B.K. flies to Mumbai and takes the delivery. But his personal problem leads into passing on the consignment job to Gullu (Rajniesh Duggall).

Gullu leaves with the container and smoothly crosses all the borders till he is stopped at Delhi border by Inspector Sherawat (Pankaj Jha). Inspector Sherawat is a corrupt officer who wants to own everything that comes his way. He orders to open the container but Gullu bluffs him and successfully delivers the container to B.K. B.K. gifts him a briefcase filled with cash as a token of appreciation. Gullu leaves and B.K. is shocked to find real mangoes in the container. He calls Gullu but his phone is switched off.

Guru G is furious and insults B.K. in front of his men, leading to B.K. into a state of depression. Dhanraj Singhania is assassinated. But now…

Where has all the cash vanished?

Has Gullu managed to do a bigger heist?

What will be Guru G’s reaction?

Is Shanti too involved in the heist?

Kya “Joh jiska tha, usko jaroor milega”?

Find out in Udanchhoo.

Genre: UDANCHOO; is a Comedy Heist-Thriller in a satirical presentation where all the characters underplay to outsmart each-other in the biggest Con of Indian History.

USP: Con and heist films have always shown a potential to be a blockbuster be it in Hollywood or Bollywood, for example: Ocean’s eleven and subsequent series, Catch me if you can and an endless list of hit films in Hollywood, In-fact there are several box office success films in Hindi as well such as: Khosla Ka Ghosla, Bluff Master, Special Chabbis, Bunty Aur Babli, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Ankhein to name a few.



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