Swapna Pati Foundation is going to celebrate 7th edition of Herbal Holi this year.


As the name suggests, “Herbal Holi” is a unique mixture of “Herbs” and “Holi”. Herbal Holi is a combination of traditional methods, brotherhood & joy.

Swapnapati Foundation is going to celebrate 7th edition of Herbal Holi this year. The festival of colors is going to get colorful indeed. The event is going to take place at Hotel Kalinga Ashok, Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 20th March, 2019. Several well-known personalities would be joining us in this initiation such as HerBAL Holi’s official versatile Brand Ambassador Sabyasachi Mishra ( Ollywood actor) and Mr. Rajesh Kumar Mohanty, (Producer).
Herbal Holi symbolizes an opportunity to nurture educational & interactive, rich cultural experience during the festival by generating awareness about the use of organic or chemical-free colors and leading the channels of revenue to the charity.
Herbal Holi is a union of traditional tricks and deep-rooted culture. It cheers people to use colors bent with natural ingredients & a hint of ancient Ayurveda and make the festival original and safe with their dear ones.
Herbal Holi is a holy initiation of SwapnaPati Foundation. Bhubaneshwar city, the capital of Odisha, is where Swapna Pati foundation had thrived. Since 2012, Swapna have been celebrating holi with physically disabled & orphan children & bringing colors to their lives. Swapnapati Foundation is perhaps the very first NGO in India that has been conducting “Herbal Holi” over numerous years with orphan, blind and unprivileged children & women.

We kindly request everybody to avoid the consumption concerning any sort of alcoholic beverages during the event