Bhangover: The fever is real! (A perfect film to watch for the weekend)


Bannada films maiden venture Journey of Bhangover is as promised clean family entertainer. This definitely comes as a whiff of fresh breathe in a long while.
The movie begins with five friends finding themselves in a situation where they are felicitated by their college for capturing two terrorists. The lost look of the five friends sets the pace of the story.

What follows is an emotional roller coaster that is interspersed with slapstick as well as good comedy.
Set in the scenic, Bannada Film productions announced the maiden launch of its movie , Bhangover, a complete family entertainer. The movie is slated to release on December 15, 2017.
Directed by Mahinder Singh Saniwal and co – produced by popular Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar’s mother Smt . Sumitra Hooda Pednekar, The Journey of Bhangover story is set around the scenic locales of Uttarakhand, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. It is a story that has all the formula and ingredients to be a commercial success. It has suspense and many other elements to enthrall the audience with unexpected twists and turns. It is a full length entertainer with a generous helping of comedy.

The journey takes us through the scenic locales of Uttarakhand, Dehradhun, Hrayana, Himachal and Punjab. The movie is culturally diverse in it’s own way.

This Movie marks the foray of Sapna Chaudhary’s entry into the glitter glamour world of Bollywood with her sizzling foot tapping number “Love Bite” in this comedy thriller movie.
This is also the first co production by Smt. Sumitra Hooda Pednekar.
Bhangover is the brainchild of Mahender Singh Saniwal who is also the Director of this movie.

Siddhanth Mahadev has scored some foot tapping music especially the title song sung by Haryanvi rappers MD and KD.

The movie takes us through an emotional journey where we find friendship turning into love, friends turning into family. This movie embarks the essence of freshness in regards to comedy, love, entertainment, and friendship.

While the movie is clean and entertaining, they could have tied some loose ends to make it more appealing and interesting.
Amongst the new faces Anmol Khatri and Prerika Arora have a promising future. Aradya Taing comes across as the next glam queen. Nothing much to write about Jimmy Sharma or Palash Soni.
The movie rests on a good script and with fantastic support of Yashpal Sharma essays the role of the hen- pecked inspector. Hemant Pandey who.plays the role of warden Pandey blends in both as a perfect partner in crime for the five friends and also donning the role of matured warden at the time of need. Jaideep Ahlwat exudes the role of the terrorist perfectly.

All in all the movie is a good watch with the family.. it’s light hearted, emotional yet fun.

Go watch it for it’s freshness!