Round Up: Five times Hina Khan rocked the Bigg Boss tasks! 

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All good things come to an end, we cannot decide whether Bigg Boss is good or bad for you but clearly the most entertaining reality show on television is in it’s last leg & we can’t hold on the excitement for the winner to be announced.

While the going gets tougher, the contestants that include three celebrities & two commoners have a tough competition going on. While the live voting during the show clearly indicates that the celebrities have a higher chance, the show is unpredictable so we can only wait till the weekend.
  1. Hina Khan who was previously a finalist on an adventure reality show is touted as one of the strongest contestant & gave the boys in the house a pretty tough competition.
As we count down to the finale week, here’s a list of top 5 tasks that Hina Khan rocked in during her stay!
Destroying Pooh
During one of the nomination tasks, Bigg Boss threw a surprise twist where the inmates on the behest of command given by Bigg Boss had to ask fellow contestant as assigned to sacrifice the belonging as asked & failing to do so would land the former inmate to direct nomination. The task came as a fresh change as the inmates called it truce & tried helping each other to save them for nominations. Hina had to sacrifice her soft toy that she had been carrying everywhere for 8 long years or more for Luv to save him for nomination. This task ended up becoming the talk of the town & Hina received flak for crying over a soft toy but received support from the industry alike as it came across as a genuine attachment & apparently the toy had traveled with her everywhere & had been her lucky charm all these years. Anyone would think twice before destroying something that has brought them luck.

Gulliver vs Lilliputians

This task was definitely not for the faint hearted & not many survived. Other all the used wax strips & dirty floor cleaning cloth being thrown at Hina as she lay down with her arms n legs tied up, Bandagi went a notch higher & went ahead chopping Hina’s hair leaving her in tears but the actress did not give up & lied down through the entire task.

Jungle Task

The Jungle task was an extended one with tempers flying around & heated arguments. The task involved the competing team torturing the contestants locked outside the house to an extent that they quit the game midway & enter the house losing points. Hina stood strong & tough & ended up becoming the main target of the house where the competing team threw mud & also put water on the mic to coax her to leave the task midway, but Hina didn’t let their actions encourage her to quit & survived till the completion of the task.

Funny bones

Though Hina was infamous for the wrong reasons in the initial few weeks into the show & all the backlash she received from Vikas camp, other than being a good player at all tasks, she also has a funny bone.

After all the drama, Bigg Boss introduced a breather, a fun task where they had to perform as their family members were put up in the adjoining room as Padosis & each one had to impress them. Round one was a cooking task & round two was the mimicry task with Hina surprisingly winning the task hands down & also surprising the audiences with her different side.

Robot task

Another googly thrown by Bigg Boss was the Robot task where Puneesh was the sanchalak where he had to monitor the teams displaying the maximum reactions. They were divided in two teams & both were given emotions for which they had to get reactions from the team in scrutiny. The emotions were Anger, Laugh, Sad.

Vikas & Arshi went overboard & went personal with Hina with below the belt comments & she stood still giving negligible reactions.

Hina is a tough cookie & you may hate her or love her but you cannot deny her competitiveness & strong will power in the game that has got her a long way.