Prabhakar Saran’s upcoming comedy drama flick  Ek Chor 2 Matikhor is the dose of full entertainment!

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After getting fame in Latin America’s hit film Enredados: La Confusion, Prabhakar Saran is all set to make the eyebrows up of his fans with the remake of his upcoming film Ek Chor 2 Mastikhor. This comedy action entertainment film is full of drama in which for the first time people get the tadka of bollywood in a foreign film. The exotic location of Costa Rica and Panama, real action with no nudity or adult scenes will attract the audiences and will help to reach them to the all the theatres.

While talking on the same, Ek Chor 2 Mastikhor is a comedy drama film which will take the audiences to the roller coaster ride through a series of risky and funny situations leaving the viewer with the full of suspense which will promise to entertain the audience throughout the movie says-the actor , producer Prabhakar Saran.

The songs sung by Amit Sharma, Abhijeet Sawant , Aman Trikha and Shahid Mallya who has given bollywood masala to the songs of the film. Further, big names from the Latin America such as Nancy Dobles, Mario Chacon, Jose Castro and Teresa Rodrigues will be also seen in the film. Shadi Mein Zaror Ana fame Parvez Shaikh will be also seen entertaining their fans.