Mom is an intriguing tale of mom-daughter relationship – Mom Review


Story –

 The stylised story telling dotted with imaginative editing chops makesMom a unique experience and full marks to Ravi Udayavar’s confidence !

Direction –

 Ravi Udayavar will always be special coz he directed DoobaDooba a highly imaginative music video and he turns up a brilliant debut with Mom… Ravi Udayavar,Girish Kohli,Kona Venkat’s writing is racy,intriguing and you had be treated 2 an edge of the seat thriller with a pulsating heart..

Performance –

Sridevi is a gifted artiste and she delivers one of her finest,humane and smart performances ever.She’s outstanding in d climax
Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a genius.Uve heard it often but this man’s hunger to deliver mindblowing performances is UNMATCHED!
Biggest asset of an Artiste is his surprise-quotient.Nawazuddin scores 100/100.He surprises each time he’s on the big screen.. Nawaz has some of the best and most entertaining lines .He brings in the laughs and the quirk.Mystery,love,body language…Wah!!
Akshaye Khanna is such a delightful actor.Its such a privilege to watch him on the big screen.He’s in top notch form
Powerhouse Sajall stuns with her heightened emotional quotient and the grasp at heightened theatrics.U’ll want much more of her screen presence

Music –

A R Rahman’s songs and background score is so sensitive n apt that it is a character in every which way.It travels with u constantly #Mom

Climax –

Mom is an intriguing tale of mom-daughter relationship layered with an undercurrent of mystery n great performances.Do NOT miss it!!!


We give Mom 3 star



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