Digital Sensation Bhuvan Bam’s Heartwarming Summer Tips


Bhuvan Bam of BB Ki Vines has a heartening message for all his fans this summer. As the heat wave grips all of North India, Bhuvan took it upon himself to tutor his Instagram family on ways to make summer bearable for all the residents.

With a lot of people depending on public transport, Bam explained 3 prime ways to deal with the Delhi heat in a way that considers the well-being of everyone. This is how Bhuvan proved to be more kind and compassionate;

Bam suggested that it’s not wise to honk at cycle rickshaws (human powered local transports) because it requires a lot of physical effort anyway.

The other way Bam corroborated his humaneness was by highlighting how we can offer delivery persons water since a lot of people order food and drinks online expecting it to be delivered in a short amount of time, and with a gesture as small as offering water, we could keep the positivity going in weather that brings out frustration and irritability.

The final thing Bam advised one could do, was place water in a bowl out in your balcony or at your the window for birds to drink because there is no fixed source of water available to them.

We can all follow in Bhuvan’s footsteps and be more considerate towards everyone.

Instagram Story Link: Bhuvan Bam