FCAI focuses on pratical exposure than the Fee


FCAI is a premier visual and performing arts school, offering accredited degrees and non-degree programs in numerous areas of study. Classes are taught by award-winning industry professionals, in a real-world environment with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Unlike many other acting schools, FCAI has a comprehensive program that heavily incorporates on-camera learning. Its students perform in a series of films as part of their program. They also have the opportunity to act in films made by student filmmakers. This gives the actor a real-world experience, which prepares them for being on a professional set.

FCAI is run by its founder , Bhushan Patiyal who is himself a renowned actor and business man . He believes in providing practical exposures to students and concentrating less on fee . FCAI , unlike other institutes has very nominal fee structure . They have some great and experiences faculty members from the industry . The institute also believes in making the environment healthy and full of positive vibes for the students which gives them the motivation to succeed and desire to work for their aim .