Ahana Kumra on how digital gives more importance to actress as compared to films


Lipstick Under My Burkha actor Ahana Kumra is balancing her way between films and digital content and even though she has done quite interesting work on big screen, she still feels that Bollywood is treating its female leads secondary, Ahana said, “There aren’t too many roles for women, and if there are some powerful roles, it goes to A-lister”. Ahana frankly continued, “Rest of the cast get crippled roles so its not an easy space you know. Writers are still framing girls as these ‘small town girl getting in love with the lead and they run away’. The scenario is different, Raj-Simran will not work anymore.

Official Chukiyagiri actress praised recently released films but she still thinks that there is a scarcity of good roles for women, “Gully Boy worked because Safeena is a nice character, she’s a girl in a hijab. but its just the one, Raazi is also there but it is just the one, Kangana had to do everything in Manikarnika, hence I feel that films don’t give such roles to female lead as compared to web.
Ahana will soon be seen in A.I.S.H.A season 3 as tough cop Shivi Malhotra who is best at her job but a victim of sexism as well so she shared that such partiality exists everywhere, “I think sexism exists everywhere, you tell me, doesn’t it exist in journalism? or corporate? or in lawyers? it exists in every profession it is just that people like to read about Bollywood, so it gets much more attention”. she said.
Rangbaaz actor was body shamed on social media and she thought how someone can be so insensitive, “I tried not to be affected by trolls, I have trolled a year ago for my bikini picture and I never knew that there will be such reactions. People commented like ‘Go to gym fatty’, I was shocked and then I realized that social media gives people a chance to impose their opinion. I think people should be little careful especially with women. She concluded before signing off.