A career in fashion could give you the chance to dress Bollywood & TV stars while travelling around the world to work on fashion features.

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Meet Aakansha Kapoor, who is responsible for designing and styling the look of a lot of TV as well as movie stars like Pooja Gor, Ankita Lokhande, Kiara Advani, Deepika Singh, Zareen Khan, Subha Rajput, Amruta Khanvilkar, Rashmi Desai and even people like you and me. Trained in NIFT Mumbai, she talks to us about stars, style and everything in between.

1) What is the outfit that catches you eye?
– Every outfit tell a story and the confidence which which the story is told catches my eyes. It can be a classic white shirt with well-worn denims or a classic black dress.

2) What was the turning point of your career?
– I am still striving and working towards a better turning point in my career.

3) Actresses often have their own style and preferred designers, how do you deal with that?
– There are clients who come to me with no preconceptions of their look and others who have the whole look in their head. Both have their charm to work with. And a teamwork is never a bad option.

4) What are the 5 must have according to you, every woman must have in her closet?
– A well tailored white shirt, Well fitted denims, a staple little black dress, comfortable heels and a sharply tailored suit.

5) And what are the 5 must haves for men?
– Linen white shirt, a pair of formal shoes, a smart watch, well fitted black blazer & a pair of chinos.

6) What is your advice for those wanting to make it big in the celebrity stylist space?
– Keep reading, keep watching and keep searching. Your job can discover a lot of new designers.

7) Since the new fashion season just started, what is on your immediate lust list for yourself?
– My lust list is never ending.. Slogan tee shirts, lots of striped shirts and pants and pinstriped dresses.. I think i am obsessed over stripes in any form this season. And i am attracted towards traditional textiles like Phulkari work from the North and hand woven silks from the North East.

8) What does your normal day looks like?
– The day is usually full of meetings, trials and trips to source clothes for the clients. On other days, i spend hours researching and going through fashion blogs to stay up to date with the ongoing fashion trends. Thats how i keep up.

9) What are you inspired by?
– Travel. It keeps me alive and i get to learn a lot.

10) Proudest of ?
– Working with multiple stars. I remember being told by an actress , that she can always depend on me for all her last minute events as i have a solution to almost all the fashion related last min issues.

11) What you need to succeed?
– Be available and punctual with your clients. And always be honest, if something looks not right, you need to tell them tactfully.

12) What you love about your job?
– Travel and the feeling of meeting and working with new and different people.

13) What you’d change about your job?
– The timings, as sometimes its a 24 hour job.

14) Finally, who gets the best dressed award from you?
– Blake Lively & Deepika Padukone.



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