Vivek Oberoi: There is something evergreen about Saathiya!


It has been 15 years since the romantic film, Saathiya hit the theatres (2002) but the movie continues to hold the same freshness among the cinema lovers.

Produced by Yash Raj Films and featuring the fresh pair of Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukerji, the love story went on to become a huge box office success. Vivek, who made a stellar debut in the same year with Ram Gopal Varma’s Company, proved his acting prowess by taking up a role and genre in contrast to his debut film. Vivek’s risk of treading a different route with Saathiya worked wonders for him and the movie.

Vivek informs, “There is something evergreen about Saathiya. Though it’s been 15 years, the film still evokes the same emotion. There are a few films in my career that have this kind of connect with the audiences. Whenever I go and meet people, they remind me about my work. I think the film had a certain maturity and it wasn’t frivolous. At a time when most love stories were candy pop, this was an honest and real love story. It was ahead of its times and it did well commercially. The respect the film earned was spectacular.”

While the versatile actor was advised by his well-wishers to rethink before choosing a love story as his second film, the actor explains, “I remember when Company became a success and I was getting these accolades and fantastic reviews, I also had a lot of well-wishers telling me that I was insane to do a love story and that it would be a big mistake.”

“They wanted me to do larger than life films and big action movies. But something inside me said that this was something I wanted to do and I jumped at it,” he adds.

On working with his movie co-star, Vivek says, “She is an effortless actor with the range of emotions she could portray.”



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