Trishaan got his ‘Mooh Kala’ by Akshay Kumar!

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Akshay Kumar is known to lighten up the atmosphere on the sets and is always ready when it comes to pull pranks on his fellow co-stars.
This time his scape goat was none other than his co-star and Bengali dialect coach in ‘Gold’, Trishaan. Trishaan got plenty feathers in his cap already. This Bengali lad is a trained actor from FTII, cast for International films & series (Furious 7, Sense 8, Viceroy’s House, Million Dollar Arm, Hundred Foot Journey etc), a member of C.S.A. ( Casting Society of America) and recently won the Indian Wiki-Media awards for digital entertainment as Best Casting Director for ALT Balaji’s web-show-Bose dead/alive. He is the only Indian casting director right now who has a degree in acting (from F.T.I.I., pune) & experience both!
Well..Recalling his memorable moment from the shooting of ‘Gold’, Trishaan shares, “In the ‘Chad Gayi Hai’ song, I had a scene where my close up shot was there and after one take, Akshay came to me and said your make-up is not done properly. So he called the make-up Dada and told him his face looks choky, please reduce his make-up.

When the make-up Dada came to me, instead of removing my makeup he applied black colour on my face and I didn’t even get to know about it. Then I went and gave my shot and after we were done retaking the scene, Akshay told me to go and see the scene on the monitor.

And when I saw my scene I realized that my face had been blackened and everyone around me started laughing. They felt I already knew about it and that I was pretending the whole time, but I was completely clueless about it.

He did it so subtly that I never found out about it. He planned it with the make-up Dada to apply black colour on my face in the name of touch up and pull the prank.”

Trishaan has coached Akshay Kumar in bengali dialect and is also a co-star. Trishaan didn’t think twice to do the job as he has been an Akshay Kumar fan since childhood. Gold is all set to hit silver screen on August 15,2018.



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