SWANs entry in India by Kaks

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Monday, November 20, 2017: Mumbai-based Kaks Salon and Spa presents press conference of their upcoming Fashion event SWAN. Hosted by Mrs. Kakali Meghani (owner of Kaks group), SWAN is said to be a creative fashion event. The name is derived from makeup concept SWAN, thats going increasingly popular worldwide. Concept SWAN is said to be theme of the event. If youre a fashion geek youd know SWAN, the makeup concept which interestingly allows users to be styled as the bird, Swan. Its internationally popular makeup style originated in Russia finding a niche in India.

Kakali is well known Bollywood makeup and hairstylist. She has worked closely with celebritites like Shilpa Shetty, Tabu and many more for years. SWAN in India not only gets people curious, its results are expected to be impactful. Ramp walks showcasing SWAN are sure to create buzz. Well, the Brain behind it, Kakali is all excited to see her efforts on floor. She also seems positive enough regarding the response shed be receiving post the event. She believes, India is a market for innovation. If such interesting concept is brought before the Indian audience, its going to be welcomed whole-heartedly.

Niharica Raizada, Lezlie Tripathy and Elena Tuteja were present at the press conference. Both Niharica and Lezlie are B-town actors. While Elena is Mrs. India Earth 2017 runner up. All of them seemed super excited about SWAN concept and its Indian foray. They also wished Kakali best wishes.