Sangeeta Bijlani supports fashion for a cause


Actress Sangeeta Bijlani sure has a heart of gold and she likes giving back to the society.

The gorgeous actress is all set to be the showstopper of a fashion show this week by a renowned designer that aims to raise funds for cancer patients. 

Sangeeta says, “I’m walking the ramp after a long time. It feels nostalgic. The entire cause is meant to provide free treatment to a hundred underprivileged children. Earlier, each model was a star in their own right, as there were only so many models. Today, it’s different ball game altogether, as there are so many models in each show. With new and upcoming designers every year, there are more shows happening every season. The shows are extremely professional now, unlike earlier days, when it was also a lot of entertainment.”

“There used to be choreography and we would do some dance moves on the stage before we went on the ramp. Models spent a lot of time with each other and shared a bond,” she elaborates.

Speaking about designers and their muses, Sangeeta adds, “There are too many celebrities [walking for designers] these days, which is overkill for the designer-muse [concept]. Having a muse was a big thing once, but it now seems like it does not serve much of a purpose to designers, as they cater to a larger audience.”



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