Popular Tv Actress Ridhi Dogra to be seen in a short film ‘Therapist’


Ridhi Dogra is all set to be seen in a short film ‘Therapist’ which is written and directed by Vishad Tiwari. The ‘Mariyada’ actress will be seen playing the lead role in this short film that is based on the sensitive topic of rape and *which* questions the failure of law & order in our country when it comes to the heinous crime like Rape.

The film also stars Sameer Arora in the lead along with Ayush, Shekhar and Jatin…

When asked the Director Vishad Tiwari, about his selection of the subject he said, “We read and watch the news on women being harassed, women being raped but there seems to be no solution to the problem. Our society still seems to be unsafe for the women. The main motive behind this story is to try and bring light to the actual problem that our country is facing today.”

While speaking to Ridhi Dogra about her role in this shot film she said, “As a woman this role was very liberating for me and the best part was, we were shooting for the film at the time when #Metoo had just begun and being able to play such a strong character made me feel empowered.”

The short film is produced by Rashi Productions in association with Aditya Bharadwaj whose recent film ‘Rang Biranga Anaar’ has been gathering a lot of praises both nationally and internationally.

“We have seen people protesting and raising voices against rapes in our country but what after that? The system has failed and we all know this…’Therapist’ is our way of telling the world that whenever the system fails, someone has to set it right” said producer Aditya Bharadwaj.

‘Therapist’ is written and directed by Vishad Tiwari and produced by Rashi Productions- Dr. Shachi Awasthi Tiwari in association with Aditya Bharadwaj and presented by Y Star CTPL .



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