Gehana Vasisth’s Nude Pictures Goes Viral From Gandii Baat Season 3

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Altbalaji’s Erotica themed show based on rural india is all set to return with its 3rd season with more bolder and wider way …. and this time the controversial, bold and sexy actress Gehana vasisth is doing lead role in that …. the EKTA KAPOOR prompted show garnered a huge audience for its bold and provocative content and surpassed all expectations of its makers …


he actress GEHANA VASISTH who has entered in film industry with the very famous show of star plus behenein made headlines when she won the title of miss Asia bikini contest in 2012 , where she outnumbered thousands of other entries . She polled the maximum number of votes in an online contest and was selected as the Bimini model to represent india at the finals … the she was scene doing anchoring for World Cup 2015 with CRICKETER YOGRAJ SINGH AND ATUL WASAN …


alking about Gandibat , as the first and second season received a phenomenal response , the makers decided to come up with the third season , claim media reports …

We heard that @gehana_vasisth has done lots of nude scenes in that , as the subject itself is very bold and that was the most important demand of that role …. and it’s very known to every one that Gehana vasisth is very bold model who is always ready to fulfil the demand of the character …

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