And How Women Achievers Ramped Mumbai With Nisha JamVwal !

Nisha JamVwal- torchbearer for women empowerment hosted a very English afternoon tea for her achiever friends with Rebecca Dewan’s dramatic Couture exemplifying the theme of the afternoon. The guests started thronging the venue even as the gorgeous women achievers were getting all dressed to walk down the stairwell ramp of Luna Nudo up “in the clouds” on the 38th floor of St Regis.

Nisha – a stunning woman of many talents has been known for her scintillating do’s- be it dinners, Luxury soirees, afternoon soirees or after parties -is an unparalleled hostess with the mostest and this afternoon was no less. We arrived with our crew to find the women achievers rehearsing to blaze the stairwell ramp at this fabulous club with its atrium like high picture windows. I watched as Nisha rehearsed with the twenty trailblazers and was awestruck to see these strong power women so obligingly rapt and looking to Jamwal for guidance on the ramp. These are the opinion makers whom you often see on television lambasting television news anchors so unfettered and here they were so lovingly following her ramp guidance. And while they rehearsed we tucked into the delectable afternoon tea buffet.

Trust Nisha to have chosen this offbeat venue for a tea to commemorate the power women she admires.

I’ll say this – Nisha is very much a leader and trail blazer – and even as she considers the offers that throng her in the entertainment industry- she continues her work in luxury and writing as a celebrity columnist. She has recently been signed up by international entertainment firm AS entertainment which has taken her on to handle her work.

Today however is about celebrating her friends whom she loved and admires. Women from different walks of life who have like her taken the difficulties of life and treated them as challenges. Nisha is known as a woman who gives respect and celebrates her peers.

And then the afternoon started even before it started as Nisha took her special ladies whom she loves and admires up the stairwell led by Rebecca Dewan who had painstakingly dressed each of the achievers including Nisha Jamwal in a silver lame gown looking like a mermaid sylph.

And what a brigade of woman achievers- each so accomplished in their own field – and finally the fashion runway came to life and women of substance led by Nisha JamVwal and Rebecca herself walked the ramp as they led the power set of Mumbai. Doyen of film critics Bhavana Somaya, firebrand feminist lawyer Abha Singh, finance head Percept Sangeeta Singh, Art impresario Geetu Hinduja, theatre actor and singer Sharon Prabhakar, artist and princess of Panna Krishna Kumari, lawyer and entrepreneur Ritika Kunal Vardhan, Award winning gynac and pioneer in IVF Dr Rishma Pai, film persona, political commentator and activist Naazneen Bedi, pioneer designer ace jeweller Poonam Soniglittering in a peach sari, film producer entrepreneur Deepshika Deshmukh, television persona and chef Amrita Raichand, helmet activist and ace swimmer Lisa Kamal Sadanah, Vedika Rana from the Nepal Royal family, television star Sara Khan, entrepreneur Nisha Gupta, drama queen Raell Padamsee, Film producer and actor Kiran Joneja, Jeweler Paulomi Sanghvi empowered the ramp in showstopper red carpet outfits by Dewan while they were commemorated for their accomplishments.

What was meant to be a 3pm afternoon tea ended late at nine thirty in the evening as women achievers who attended the evening with many like educationist Maya Shahani, Lisa Bocaro, Kiran Sippy, Mona Narang, Shamita Singha, Paulomi Sanghvi, Sangeeta Khanna, Kunicka Singh, Rohini Macker, Anisha Salil Chaturvedi, Priyanka Jimmy Shergill, Raell Padamsee, Jonquil, Shashi Bansal,

Krishaa Ghanasingh, Aparna Kapur came onto stage to share their views on achievement, feminism, women achievers, the journey and the trials and tribulations of being a working woman in India. All mingled, stayed and exchanged views and of course felt great pride as the chosen twenty who walked the ramp were commemorated.