Writer Qaseem Haider New Gazal “Ehsaas” Record Ghazal


Writer Qasim Haider recorded Ghazal in new accent Recently a new ghazal recording by a newcomer, artist, Qasim Haider, was completed recently. Originally a romantic mood, this moments of sadness have also been beautifully thrown in. Qasim also included Sher-O-Shayari in this ghazal. In it Qasim Haider also narrates the lively lions behind the interstates. Singer Vidyari is himself convinced with humility Songwriter Vidyar Vinay, Qasim Haider, and composer Nehal Kumar, director Hamid Ali (DOP) are Harsh Garg. The next morning, this ghazal will be chanted at picturesque places of Bijnaur, Kotdwar and Najibabad in Uttar Pradesh, whose location will be selected shortly. Its dance will gulphsha. The model will be Gulfasha Khan, Qasim Haidar and the camera man will be Harsh Garg Darekat the song Mehdi Film Director Hamid Ali is the producer, young leader NK Moosavi



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