Swapna Pati Walked Red carpet With Producer Rajesh Kumar Mohanty At Cannes 2019 In Odisha’s Traditional Saari


9 times National Film Award winner Padma Shri Apurba Kishore Bir is the director of ANTARDHWANI, a psychological thriller. Recently film screened at most prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2019. Director Ak Bir , Rajesh Kumar Mohanty and Actress Swapna Pati Walked first time Red carpet of Cannes. Film is getting tremendous response for the content and Performances.

“This is a prestigious film for our production house, in fact it is our first feature film and I am excited that it has been selected to be screened in Cannes which in itself is a big achievement for us. We are very proud to be associated with Padma Shri awardee director A K Bir,” said Rajesh Kumar Mohanty of 24 FPS Entertainment, it was great experience to Walk the red carpet and the Respect we were getting.

Swapna pati Said, We Obliged and honored to screened our film at Cannes … It was my first time and I had a blast during screening. It feels great when people appreciate your work in such a prestigious film festival like Cannes. It was my first red carpet at Cannes so I wanted to Represent my indian culture … So i walked in with Odisha Special Saari.. I feel so proud to Represent India In here Cannes Festival.

Rajesh Mohanty announced with pride that the film is completely shot in ‘Natural Light’ adding that the hero in the film is the Jungle and its natural surroundings. The human psyche is represented by the jungle as a metaphor, in which the incidental drama in relation to the response of the mental character gets unfolded.



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