Singer Sanjay Soni Stogler’s new single “Shikayat” poster launch


In this video, Sikandar Qureshi and Priyanka Tyagi will appear.

In Mumbai, the poster of Singer Sanjay Soni Stagler’s new single “Shikayat” was launched. This song is composed by musician Dev Ashish, while in his video Sikandar Qureshi and Priyanka Tyagi will be seen. The recording of this beautiful song has been done. Next month it will be shot in Rajasthan while it is intended to be released till July.

Sikandar Qureshi, who came from the world of modeling, would be the first music video though he has worked in the advertisement of several brands. Priyanka Tyagi, who lives in Bareilly, feels herself very luxurious that she did not have much clash and Sanjay Soni Strogler gave him a break in this album. He started his career as an air hostess, but then he quit his job.



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