Piyush wins the challenge, Deepika cuts her mane!


Sandiip Sikcand’s Dhhai Kilo Prem is not your usual melodramatic daily soap. The makers have intentionally kept the heart of the script light & yet entertaining. 

After the much hyped nuptials of the protagonists, audiences have taken to enjoy the nok-jhok between Piyush & Deepika who share an interesting love-hate relationship;the trick that  has worked best for the viewers of the show keeping them hooked on to follow their love-story. 

Dhhai Kilo Prem threw challenges before the protagonists & got this far but it doesn’t stop here. Piyush’s family is undergoing a major financial crises & the only way to make easy money is a Burger Eating competition where the winner it entitled to a cash prize of Rs, 2,50,000/- 

Deepika, who’d earlier participated in the fire challenge, forces Piyush to take part in the Burger eating competition for the prize money to which he flatly denies. Deepika instigates him further calling him names finally convincing him to enter the competition but one one condition. If Piyush wins the challenge then Deepika would have to cut her hair. 

A source close to the show shares, Piyush ends up winning the competition, only time will tell if Deepika keeps her promise & cuts her hair. 

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