Distinguishing on the basis of Religion just divides us. Youth of India on Independence Day is to promote ‘Unity in Diversity.

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Humans are social animals and cannot live without people around. We need to interact with different people everyday for various purposes, be it for buying stuff from stores, travelling in public transport, visiting restaurants and also with people at work or institutions. Do we really ask about their religion everytime we interact with them? Does it really matter if the shopkeeper who sells us groceries is of the same religion as ours? Then why do we fight with our countrymen on basis of religion? What exactly do we derive out of it? Mr. Tauheed Khan speaks about his mission on behalf of ‘Youth of India.’ How he wants to send across the message of unity for peace and serenity  in our country.
‘Youth of India’ is organizing a big event on the eve of our Independence Day this year with an intention to unite people from every community who together are Indians, despite of their religious beliefs. Since their purpose is to bring about the greater good, many celebrities from different sectors are to be attending this event to promote it on a larger scale. It is indeed something which can help us youth to finally make our voice heard over things which are humanely incorrect.
Mr. Khan awsomely said, ” I am technically from the Bihar state of India. I have friends from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, like almost all the states of India. My friends are Sardars, Pundits, Muslims and Christians too. Without any issues, we all love to enjoy meals together and love each other equally. We celebrate each and every festival together with same dedication and excitement. We are the youth of India and religion just does not bother us. But sadly we are most often divided on basis of religion due to political factors.”
He also said, “Its not that we youth want to celebrate only the fun festivals which we have acquired due to globalization. 15th of August is also very much dear to us. It is our day and we want to celebrate this day with utmost devotion and love for our country. We want to progress together as one. No divisions. And surprisingly we have a huge support from majority of the famous personalities. We have many programs arranged after the unfurling of our National Flag. We welcome one and all to come and attend the event and support us to spread the purpose of our efforts nationwide.”
Tauheed Khan has been into events from    a very long time and has been a part of many government events too. Namely fourteen years of his life was dedicated to it. Indeed we all want to follow the path showed to us by him. We all can take a step ahead to change the old school mentality make our country a better place. We all can make our country proud!
 *Event venue :* Lokhandwala Back road, Andheri (W), Mumbai.
 *Date and Time :* 15th August, 2017, 8 am onwards.