Chemistry comes naturally when we are together : Harshita Gaur

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Actor Harshita Gaur, who plays the role of Hemal Shah in Yash Patnaik’s (Beyond Dreams) web series called Black Coffee, says that she is loving the project. The actor has in fact taken on another web series as well as she loved the format. “This is my first web series, but I have also started shooting for another one, Mirzapur, right after this. When I heard the story of Black Coffee, I absolutely loved it. It was something new and fresh. It is about two people, who are poles apart and how they get onto one track,” she says.

Talking about her character, she says, “My character is Hemal Shah. I suggested the name and Mamta (Patnaik; co producer) agreed. It is very interesting. She is this Gujarathi girl who has a very mundane life. There are no external stimuli to get her excited. She has this boring schedule and a boyfriend who she is always irritated with. She is not ambitious and does not want to achieve something big. She only wants to stick to her job. She absolutely loves numbers and Maths. The interesting part of the story is when the novelist enters her life and her boring, mundane life becomes exciting.”

The actor says that she was blown away by the script, which is what got her in board. “It is my old production house and I trust them blindly. When Mamta Ma’am introduced me to the script, I loved it. So working with them is like working in safe hands,” she says.

Harshita and actor Param Singh have been seen together before and the actor says that she is happy to be paired with him again in Black Coffee. “Chemistry comes naturally when we are together because we have worked for such a long time with each other. I am very comfortable with him. We understand each others’ frequencies. He is fun to work with. He is very hilarious, he keeps the atmosphere very energetic,” she says.

The actors is also enjoying working with Beyond Dreams. “It is like working with your family. It is very comfortable,” she says.

Ask her what she feels about the title of the show, and she says, “I love coffee and have only black coffee. Black coffee is something which gives you energy and keeps you fresh, especially when you wake up in the morning. The series will personify the same energy as well!”

The series has been really appreciated by the viewers, says Harshita. “It has just been a week and we have already got seven hundred thousand views. People are enjoying it. I am getting positive comments on social media, So the response is great overall. My fingers are crossed for the upcoming episodes,” she adds.

In fact, Harshita has become a big fan of the web, as a platform to perform, now. “It is going big because nowadays people are watching everything on the web. They don’t actually have time to sit in front of the television at a particular time slot. So the web is actually giving a creative platform to everyone, right from actors to directors. We are moving fiercely towards the web with such good concepts. And the most interesting factor is that people are not scared to put up content, they just want a response from the audience which is why there is scope for creativity on the digital platform,” she says.



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