“A random driver sent me a really shady image,” reveals Sunny Leone


~ Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone along with comedian Tanmay Bhat engage in a candid chat on Social Media Star ~

The latest episode of Firstpost’s Social Media Star features Bollywood sensation Sunny Leone along with stand-up comedian and AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhat. They were seen revealing all their social media secrets while chatting with show creator and anchor Janice Sequeira. Encompassing interesting conversations like Sunny’s super long block list, Tanmay’s late-night Instagram lives, embarrassing email ids and WhatsApp gossip, the episode was hilarious to the core.

While playing the entertaining ‘Never Have I Ever on Social Media..’ game Sunny spoke about how a driver once sent her an iffy picture by mistake and how atrocious it was, “A random driver accidentally sent me some really shady photo and then freaked out afterwards.” The three couldn’t stop laughing about it. Janice then asked them whether they took screenshots of people and posted it on WhatsApp to make fun about it. While Tanmay was quick to say a ‘yes,’ Sunny revealed that she took a picture of a shoebill stork to make fun of; pointing out that it was an animal and not a person.

Talking about engaging with people on social media, Tanmay shared experiences of his late-night Instagram life when going live on a platform and connecting with fans, “Everyone’s really vulnerable from 12 am to 3 am; people are ready to let go. A fan has been in a towel coming out of the shower and frozen saying – what, you took my call?” Amused on hearing this Sunny said she usually blocks such people, “I have one of the largest block lists ever. I have blocked so many people, it’s crazy. Like, that guy in the towel would be the first one to block because usually they are not wearing the towel!”

Amidst more fun, laughter and banter, Janice questioned them about whether they tweeted or posted while they were drunk or high. Accepting that she did, Sunny said, “It’s usually a picture. If you go through the timeline, you might find one.” She also challenged her followers to find her drunken pictures on her social media timeline, “If you find one out there, post it and then I’ll say if you’re correct or incorrect.”

The influential guests and host also discussed topics like nepotism, body shaming, Sunny’s innocent family picture being trolled and a lot more.

Catch Sunny Leone and Tanmay Bhat demystify the world of social media with show creator and anchor Janice Sequeira on Firstpost’s Social Media Star.

View the entire episode on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4mQqBRYmyI