Soundarya Sharma stuck in LA amidst the corona virus outbreak and she can’t step out of home

Soundarya Sharma stuck in LA amidst the corona virus outbreak and she can’t step out of home

  21 Mar 2020

Soundarya Sharma

Soundarya Sharma is in LA to complete her courses in acting from Lee Strasberg and the New York Film Academy. The last we heard that the institutions has gotten closed and it has affected Soundarya. She has stuck to her apartment in LA. The situation is pretty grim there in LA and the repercussions have taken a toll on the preparation of Soundarya.

We had a brief chat with her in the wake of the outbreak, the repercussions and the effect it has had on her life and her travel plans and let’s hear it from her, “I finished my sessions at Lee Strasberg and then the virus hit the globe like a meteor and the New York Film Academy’ sessions were suspended. My classes to be specific. And there is no real information on the amount of time it will take to get things back to some normalcy. So I am sticking to my apartment. I go in the early morning or late evening hours to the grocery sometime. I specifically go during that time because there are minimum people there. Everything is very empty here. Most places shut down. So I have made a checklist that I would do at home. A lot of movie watching is happening. I am reading quite a bit and cooking sometimes. Thankfully there is nobody affected in and around me. I am waiting for the travel restrictions to be eased so I could think to travel back home. Till then its just sitting in the apartment, doing small stuff here. I pray to god and hope that we all collectively come out of this and for that I urge everyone to listen to experts or government and be extremely responsible during such troublesome time.”

That would be difficult for an outgoing and working girl like soundarya. She is always beaming with energy and looking to do more, learn more and enjoy the moment. This is however a self rejuvenation period and we could all soak in some slowness into our otherwise hectic lives

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