Tina Philip enjoys a gigantic samosa made by Team of chefs headed by executive chef kamlesh rawat on no diet day at 180 degrees, Radisson Mumbai Goregaon


Monday 6th May is observed as No Diet Day and on this occasion gigantic samosa weighing 5.3 Kg was made by Team of chefs headed by executive chef of 180 degrees, Radisson Mumbai Goregaon

Speaking about this innovation, Chef Kamlesh Rawat, Executive Chef of Radisson Goregaon said
“as our profession is cuisine, food is on our mind all day and serving healthy is our top priority but an occasional no diet day isn’t harmful and so we came up with an intriguing idea of 5 kilo Somosa dish on no diet day ”

Well to prepare this Gigantic Samosa 6 pairs of hands were required for 4 hours, impressed by the idea TV actress Tina Philip who is currently doing ek Brahma sarwagurna Sampann reached Radisson Goregaon and could not stop praising efforts of chef and his team, she joyfully said “Iam usually very strict about my diet but on no diet day I want to break the regime for day and this gigantic samosa is truly mouth watering and a small wonder in itself ”

Executive Chef of Radisson Mumbai Goregaon also shared the recipe of this gigantic Samosa…

The recipe is quite easy yet time consuming and it requires
2 and 1/2 kilo maids mixed with 300 g ghee
Salt 15g, ajjwain 10g
potatoes 2 kg
coriander 20 g
jeera 5 g
green chilli 25 g
,green peas 250 g
30l of oil for deep frying

This Way cullinary Team of Radisson Mumbai Goregaon wished every one a wonderful no diet day.