Sunny Deol starrer MohallaAssi all set to release in Theatres soon CBFC clears certification after a period of 2 years


Mumbai, January 10, 2018: Sunny Deol starrer, MohallaAssi which was embroiled in a legal battle with CBFC over content is finally set to release in theatres shortly.

The hurdle began when the application for certification of the film was submitted to CBFC in March, 2016. The Revising Committee of the board however, then had refused to issue a certificate for exhibition of the film stating that the form and content of the film were highly derogatory of humans, cult, culture, religion including but not limited to mythology.
The Producers had no option but to file an Appeal before the FCAT, which through its order dated 24.11.2016, directed the producers to carry out ten cuts/modifications and resubmit the film for its consideration. The order of the FCAT had damaging effect on the entire theme of the movie and therefore, it was not possible for the producers to carry out those modifications hence, the same was challenged in the Delhi High Court through a writ petition (W.P.(C) 11992/2016. Mr. Shashank garg, the lawyer fought the entire case brilliantly.
The Producers, Crossword entertainment shares “After a prolonged legal battle, the we have received a judgment favouring our argument and CBFC has now issued an A certification for the movie. Justice has been served .The movie, without any cuts, is all set to be released in theatres shortly.”
The movie based on the book KashikaAssi by KashiNathSingh an award winning author is a story that goes through the events in 1990 and 1998 including Ram Janmabhoomi movement and Mandal Commission implementation. The film stars Sunny Deol, Ravi Kishan, SakshiTanwar in leading roles and directed by Dr. ChandraprakashDwivedi.