Recently our team met Shweta Chandekar, Assistant director at Western Pacific production PVT. LTD to know about her upcoming work.

She told us about her film project ‘LILITH’ which she is doing under the direction of Prashant Passy Pilley; the project has been officially got shorted for OSCAR but due to in-completion and demonetization in india the film financially is still on under post -production for huge graphical scene processing in UK .

The director of the film Prashant Passy Pilley is an Indo – American film director.

Shweta told that he is working hard to pull LILITH and compelete it as soon as possible by the end of this year.

Shweta told us that she had an amazing technical experience with Prashant Pilley, she had learnes lot of directional techniques as comparison to other Bollywood and south directors, Prashant is more focused om creative aspects of the artwork. He believes in making a film with honesty and with him she learned a lot about World Cinema and its impression over Indian Cinema.

According to Shweta Indian cinema is a paralle cinema which is a new wave like the french new wave of 60s, which entirely changes the perspectives of filmmaking im the entire world.

shweta have learned many technicalities of film making while working in LILITH, however it is first directorial debut of Prashant , but it doesn’t seems like it was his first film, he is full of ideas, creatively active and technically very strong, a knowledgeable director bears a hidden creativity for making films for international market.

After this Shweta is also planning for her own film as a director, in association with Western Pacific Production and Hollywood Production LLC , with the support of Prashant, standing with her in full energy.

Sooner Shweta is starting her international directorial debut in coming year .

Shweta is also doing pre production for her fantasy and sci fi film “angels in the woods” .

Many western india producers are helping her for this project for implementing and bringing out a good output. Now India is rising and improvising in advanced techniques of film making and port visuals.

India is already a big filmmaking country and now not only hollywood we are open to Chinese film market.

Shweta said film LILITH gives her that motivation to improvise her self and stands alone in the unconditional battle of filmmaking and her mentor amd friens Prashant. She said he is alredy my guru and an inspiration for me to stand as an independent film maker in the competitive film industry .