Shilpa Shinde; the best entertainer of Bigg Boss 11!


Actor Shilpa Shinde is one of the most entertaining contestants on Bigg Boss 11. While many other contestants resort to screaming and shouting at each other, Shilpa opted for teasing co-contestant Vikas Gupta. It is no secret how much the actor has suffered in her past because of him professionally. By singing songs, offering him food and playing pranks on him, Shilpa was really entertaining as well.

Shilpa’s never-say-die spirit is very evident in the show. She is constantly struggling to do her best in the show as well as all the tasks. She is constantly seen working and cooking in the kitchen and makes sure to feed everyone.

Her humane side was also seen when she did not nominate herself for becoming captain and even went and comforted co-contestant Sapna Chaudhary, who was upset at not being selected.