Sankaal- Fetters of social duties. When the societal demand kill the innocent dreams.


Pt. Jagdish Chandra Joshi presented and produced under Pisceann Pictures film ‘SAANKAL’ has been successfully shown on 28th November in 8 major cities nationwide. On 19th and 20th of this month the film shall be screened again in another 5 cities.

In solidarity with sensible cinema, director/writer of this artistic film ‘SAANKAL’ is Dedipya Joshii and producers are Anand Singh Jori and Dedipya Joshii. Effectively stymieing the existing social evils of incoherent marriages and child marriages this film has been shot in villages of Rajasthan. This is a story of a village constrained in customs and such social obligations which makes the existence of its people difficult.

Sankaal is a classic example of strong content in terms of cruel customs still practised by meher muslims in some muslim dominated villages in Rajasthan.
Sankaal which actually means fetters brings across the horrifying truth of made-up customs among the meher muslim tribe in rajasthan which was made years ago. This custom was triggered by unmarried girls remaining spinsters who had to be married off but there were less bridegrooms left for them.
Muslims in meher caste in rajasthan jaisalmer and barner district prefer to marry their daughters within the caste, men allowed to marry making it more difficult to find eligible grooms for eligible girls.
The story revolves around a 26yrs old girl facing the same odd situation, married off to an 11yrs old boy. Post marriage the young girl is raped by all the men in the family and her pregnancy draws a question over who would she consider the father of her child. The girl loves her boy husband but commits suicide because her husband fails to withdraw her from the patriarchal society and it’s demons.
This is a powerful story in terms of performance, music, acting and technique with a beautifully shown backdrop of rajasthan. The director has tried his best to convey the evil effects of this tradition through the film.

Director/Producer of the film Dedipya Joshii expresses that this is not a film to make 100 crores collection over box offices but an art film and that’s why ‘SAANKAL’ is being shown on a one city one show basis on 19th – 20th December because it’s too difficult to find distributers for such independent films. According to Dedipya after this theatrical release the film shall be made available on digital platforms so that more people get to see this very informative film. He further said that in this film Tanima Bhattacharya, Chetan Sharma, Harish Kumar, Milind Gunaji, Jagat Singh and Samarth Shandilya leave great impact with their powerful performances. Before this film Dedipya has directed – produced 7 TV series, 35 documentaries, more than 250 ad films and 3 short films. ‘SAANKAL’ is his first film which has been at 47 film festivals and has won 14 awards which consists 4 Best Lead Actress Awards, 1 Best Story Award, 9 Best Film Awards and 1 Best Direction Award too