Rochelle Rao Walks The Ramp For Maheka Mirpuri

Anchor, actress and ex Ms.India Rochelle Rao, walked the ramp fro Maheka Mirpuri’s fashion show this past weekend. The former Miss India Rochelle Rao Sequeira was happy to walk the ramp for a cause that she has now been associated with for the past 3 years. Rochelle looks forward to completing the run next year and getting involved iin a greater compacity in the years to come. The fashion show was held to commemorate the work done by the Terry Fox Foundation and to raise more awareness towards the cause of cancer.

About the Terry Fox Foundation:

Terry Fox was a young Canadian who got diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was 17. To raise awareness, he ran across Canada but sadly succumbed to the disease at the age of 21. We do this run every year in Mumbai to raise awareness for cancer research amongst children and how important it can be to save lives. When we started the run 20 years ago, 2 out of 10 children benefited from research and went home cancer free. Today 8 out of 10 have benefited from our research and go home cancer free. We are hoping for 10 out of 10 soon!