Radha Rani Rooth Gayi – Bhajan Samrat Padmashri *Anup Jalota* comes up with another new masterpiece


Bhajan Samrat Padmashri *Anup Jalota* comes up with another new masterpiece, a unique Radha Krishna song penned by a *Muslim shaayar*, who firmly believes in the *Ganga – Jamuni tehzeeb of Hindustan*.

Following the footsteps of the great shaayars and poets of our country like Kaifi Azmi, Sahir Ludhiyanvi & Shakeel Badayuni etc, the poet here, *Jameel Mujahid,* has brilliantly put up a cute scene in his words – *‘Bajte Bajte Aaj Achanak Meri Bansi Toot Gayi, Iss Chhoti Si Baat Pe Mujhse Radha Rani Rooth Gayi’.*

*Anup Jalota, a master crafter,* after hearing these lines went on to tune them and also added the mellifluous singer *Roli Prakash* which makes this song / bhajan even more impactful & is a *dream* come true for her *as she sings in here with her God of music, Anup Jalota. *

This unique song and its video is produced by *Vivek Prakash* who himself is a music director and singer of repute.

Credits –
Sung by and featuring – Anup Jalota & Roli Prakash
Lyrics – Jameel Mujahid
Composed by – Anup Jalota
Music & video designed & Produced by – Vivek Prakash
Video Director – Prabhakar Shukla
DOP – Raju Kaygee