Pankaj Tripathi’s “Gurgaon” is going to be the Best Thriller of the year.

Pankaj Tripathi will soon be seen in a lead role in the upcoming thriller film, “Gurgaon”
Talking about his character in the film, Pankaj reveals, “I am playing the lead role in Gurgaon. The story is of Gurgaon city that is situated near Delhi and is based on the story of a man who is a farmer and then sets on to become a real estate entrepreneur. His journey from being a farmer to setting up a real estate firm. The film is inspired by true events.”
Directed by Shankar Raman and produced by Ajay Rai, the film had been screened at Macau and New York film festivals and won accolades there.
Last year, when Anurag Kashyap had seen the film, he had said that it’s one of the best thrillers so far.
The film also stars Ragini Khanna who is playing Pankaj Tripathi’s daughter, Akshay Oberoi and few more.
Pankaj further added, “It’s an amazing film and my character is very matured. I have experimented a lot as an actor in craft and in my acting. A lot of Bollywood directors have seen the film and praises my performance.
“Gurgaon” is all set to hit the silver screens on August 4, 2017.