My character in The Pickup Artist has a brain as messy as my real life personality. – says actor Pankaj Uniyal


Actor Pankaj Uniyal, who is playing one of the major characters in India’s first philosophical thriller movie THE PICKUP ARTIST, is very excited that his film has been selected to premiere in World’s Oldest Independent Film Festival, Worldfest Houston which discovered the likes of Steven Spielberg (Director, Jurassic park), George Lucas (Director, Star Wars) , Ang Lee (Director, The Life of Pi) , David Lynch (Director, Mulholland Drive), Coen Brothers (Director, Barton Fink), Francis Ford Coppola (Director, The Godfather).

A part of this excitement is because he will be seen on the big screen after a long time. Busy managing his writing career alongside, Pankaj will also be sharing credits as an additional screenplay writer and assistant director in the film.

Talking about his role in the film, Pankaj says it’s a role he can relate to in his real life as well but Rohit (writer/director ) took it up a notch and created a character with a very complicated brain.

In his personal life also, Pankaj is very fascinated about the various political conspiracy theories, be it around the death of Netaji subhash Chandra bose, or about 9/11 being an inside job or even latest phulwama attack and the subsequent air strikes.

He believes that as a human being we all have this inner child who is fascinated by stories and in the quest of better and bigger stories that make him forget about the vagaries of mundane lives, he delves into these conspiracy theories that are a part of his fantasies. And he is sure a lot of people would relate to his character. He adds that his dialogues are witty, well written and have a layer of dark humor around them.

The Pickup Artist is produced by Roar Picture Company and is due for domestic release this year.