Lucknow’s daughter famous actress Aakanksha Awasthi tied knot in Lucknow.


Lucknow’s daughter and hugely popular actress Aakanksha Awasthi went and tied the knot with the famous industrialist Vivek KUMAR from Patna at Lucknow near Kursi road at HERITAGE HOTEL AND RESORT on Sunday.

Interestingly Akansha Awasthi a popular actress have worked in many popular serials like KUMKUM,GHAR KI LAKSHMI,UTTRAN,RAJA KI AAYEGI BARAT ,ISHQ ME MARJAVA in past 12 years she won the heart of audience with her acting. Along with serials she have also worked in bojpuri super hit films DABANG SARKAR with keshari lal a popular Bhojpuri superstar.
Currently she is shooting for Bhojpuri film with Bhojpuri superstar PAWAN SINGH AND DINESH LAL YADAV this films will release in this year 2019.

AKANSHA AWASTI is graduated from lucknow university.
Many well known celebrities participated in wedding gave their blessings to bride groom.

AKANSHA AWASTHI married with the culture of Lucknow with all rituals.

Akansha and Vivek chose each other from Hindu customs.Seeing the Lucknow mood, the actress has completed the rituals from Mehndi rasma to sangeet rasma , during the marriage, with the family and friends, even at the time of the actress’s wedding, the delicious taste of Lakhnavi tastes for the guests to eat dinner.

Akansha Awasthi told how the actors got involved in studying in Lucknow *
After studying from Lucknow University, I joined the theater. Chandramohan ji, with Gyanji, I made many plays. There was also a play ‘Aashad ka din ‘. Theater experts gave me acting on stage at the stage. In 2007, a TV show in Lucknow was the audition of GHAR KI LAXMI . I went to give similar auditions. I was surprised when I received a call and was called to Mumbai. That’s where my journey started from there. I did not have to struggle.

But according to AKASNHA she think UTRAN serial was the turing point for her career .

In this show I worked for five years and people liked me a lot. Yet the show was also negative for me with a positive. In this, I had comedy for the first time and after this show all the characters came to me like that. I want variations in my work. I want to work differently. This is the reason why I have not moved to TVs. I have done three films Dabang Sarkar, Jaihind, Marriage and further talks are going on for films.
I did not have to struggle to get the job done in the industry, but the work that I had to do, had to do the Struggle to maintain it.

My identity is the credit I give to my city, Lucknow.
As far as the question is to miss Lucknow, then I do it a lot and most of all miss the chat here.