High-handedness of CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihalani gets him replaced. Prasoon Joshi to take up his position


Inspite of the fact that the three-year term of Pahlaj Nihalani, chief of Central Board of Film Certification, was due to be completed in January 2018. However he is now being replaced by the famous writer and poet, Prasoon Joshi. There had been many speculations about the same and eventually came to existance.

Incidently the news was taken very happily by many of the celebrities. They believe that Mr. Joshi will be easier to approach than Mr. Nihalani who was famous to be bossy in nature. Seemingly his antics were not much appreciated by the filmmakers and producers and his removal came as a pleasant surprise.

We hope things go easier with the appointment of Mr. Joshi . We wish him all the best!