From ads to silverscreen – Coco Cola girl Onima kashyap is traversing the spectrum like a true star


The Coca Cola girl, who is also a professional canvas artist, found success in the
ad industry and soon is going to be seen in Bollywood. No matter what part of
the country you are living in, you have seen the poster of Onima
Kashyap, stylishly gulping the Coke. But in the sea of newcomers rarely do you
come across a face as innocent as Onima Kashyap. She is not strictly a
newcomer since she has already made mark in several commercials like Limca,
Nivea, Kalyan Jewellers, Lux, Lays, becoming a very familiar face on small

Being a gifted artist she portrays her paintings under the label ‘Onima
Creation’. She says “being an artist, I find ways of communication through
which I can express my thoughts and emotions to the world. Creativity is the
driving force behind both the mediums, be it acting or painting.There is a
constant urge in me to imagine and create things around me andActing is one
of the medium through which I can transform my thoughts into existence. I
have a vivid imagination and it helps me to pull off a character easily as it
makes me more sensitive towards it … It’s a spiritual process indeed as in order
to portray the emotion of the character we need to introspect and figure out
our own life journey. It’s like putting my soul out there and perform.One needs
to be really honest to create a good piece of art, be it music, painting or

Onima’s favourite commercial was for Limca directed by Ram Madhvani.
The actor recalls, “Every ad came through after rigorous auditions. Onima finds
the ad industry incredibly professional while being exhilaratingly creative as
well. We asked her that her magic bricks ad made quite an impression when it
came out. Does doing ads contribute to the actor in you
She explains with a laugh,
“The real test of an actor in an ad is to emote in just 30 seconds as the script is
more concise. If I can connect to the audience, inhabit a character and tell astory in such a short span of time I feel I have done my job in a good way. I love
doing ad campaigns and I want to continue doing it.”
Onima has shared screen space with actors like Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh
bachchan, Amir khan,` Vivek oberio, Anushka sharma and Rajkumar rao. Her
learning from these veterans, she says, is how to be an indulgent performer.
Her honesty brings out the truthfulness of the character she plays onscreen.