Dheeraj Dhoopar plans his day out shopping


After getting to know that he has an off the next day Dheeraj Dhoopar plans his day out shopping. His wife Vinny Arora is not around and Dheeraj Dhoopar decides shopping is the best way rather than spending his time alone.

Dheeraj Dhoopar gets into his car and drives off to a nearby shopping hub. Music plays an important part in his life so he makes the most of the moment by listening to his collection.

On his way Dheeraj decides to take a break and halt to enjoy the weather that the maximum city has to offer.

Dheeraj enters the mall and is contemplating on the brands that he does not want to miss out on.

His mind is made and his shopping is done. All that he needed is with him now. he has shopped for some T shirts, denims, accessories, fragrances and at last but not the least something for his lovely wife Vinny Arora. He packs the boot of the car with his shopping bags.

Dheeraj Dhoopar makes the most of the ambient light that this monsoon season provides and gets himself clicked from his fans nearby.