Check out how Shakti Arora looks post his make over!


If Shakti Arora wasn’t handsome enough, the good looking actor has undergone a makeover recently and all we can is that we are impressed! Shakti recently shot a portfolio shoot. Talking about it he says, “I have done several photoshoots but this time I wanted to break my image and do something different, which didn’t match my previous photo shoots. My photographer said, ‘enough of being a boy next door, I want to make you look hot’ so that’s why the theme of this photo shoot is Hot!”

The portfolios have been clicked by photographers Paul David Martin and Sayan Roy. Shakti has always got praised for his good looks and he thanks Mother Nature for the same. “The secret is my genes and God’s blessing maybe because I didn’t  do anything special. Although till now I have never concentrated on my looks but I will shift my focus to that and hopefully I will look hot instead of being cute,” he says.

Not only his looks, my his deep throated voice is also a major attraction for his fans. “When somebody comments on my voice, I feel flattered because I always wanted to have a good voice. When I was young I used to see my Nana talking with a deep base voice and thankfully I have his genes,” he says.

The actor adds that looks are an important part of being in showbiz. “Good looks are a bonus for any actor. But of course, the most important thing is talent,” he says.

Ask him who he feels is the most good looking actor and he says, “I like Ranbir Kapoor’s charm and Ranveer Singh’s personality. Ranbir has class and Ranveer has  a flamboyant personality and very good hair especially the way he styles his beard and his different hairstyles. I find Shraddha Kapoor very cute and beautiful. I feel she still has that innocence on her face which makes her look so feminine.”